Edwin Jagger Plaza Imitation Ebony Fusion Razor.  This beautiful Edwin Jagger Plaza razor is designed for the Gillette® Fusion® 5 blade system and is made entirely in Sheffield by Edwin Jagger, Europe's foremost manufacturer of luxury hand made shaving equipment.


Manufactured using carefully selected, finest quality, highly polished black polyester material. It has solid brass, triple hard blue white chrome plated neck and blade head. Light weight and beautifully balanced this contemporary style razor is a pleasure to use and takes only genuine Gillette Fusion or Fusion Pro-Glide blades. Used with quality shaving cream or soap the Gillette, Fusion Pro-glide 5 blade system will produce an accurate, ultra close and safe shave. Light weight yet beautifully balanced for perfect shaving. Also available as part of 2, 3 or 4 piece shaving sets. 


The primary colour is black with bright chrome neck and blade head detail. Presented in smart Edwin Jagger premium packaging.


For authenticity, the Edwin Jagger name is branded up the length of the handle.

Edwin Jagger Plaza Imitation Ebony Fusion Razor


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